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Introducing an exceptional 3-in-1 self-cleaning gutter protection system masterfully designed to ensure your home is safe from structural problems such as foundation cracks, basement damage, and roof or siding issues. This advanced ‘clog-free’ edition boasts cutting-edge surgical-steel gutter guards, customizable selections of seamless heavy-gauge aluminum gutters and downspouts or the possibility to install over your existing gutters (if still in prime condition). To top it off, the system comes with a genuine lifetime warranty for complete peace of mind. 

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Discover the Ultimate 3-In-1 Clog-Free Solution

Experience exceptional value with our top-of-the-line 5″ and 6″ reinforced gutter and downspout installation, offered at a virtually unbeatable price. Elevate your home exterior with our award-winning LeafFilter system – the ultimate gutter guard. Say goodbye to gutter cleaning, and hello to the most comprehensive protection and warranty available in the industry. Don’t settle for less; secure the best. 


The Elegance of LeafFilter: A Hassle-Free Solution for Your Gutters

Revive your current gutter system without breaking the bank by opting for LeafFilter’s seamless installation. Experience a complimentary restoration service that includes thorough cleaning, repair, sealing, realignment, and reinforcement – ensuring longevity and efficiency of your existing gutters. Embrace the future of gutter protection and safeguard your investment today. 

Experience Maximum Assurance

Embrace a sense of enduring security with our comprehensive, transferable lifetime warranty. Revel in the knowledge that your gutters and entire home stand safeguarded for a lifetime.

A Lifetime of Worry-Free Gutter Defense

Welcome to the ultimate gutter protection experience with LeafFilter – the impeccable barrier against all forms of debris, including pesky pine needles, shingle grit, and relentless seed pods. Our exceptional system effectively shields your gutters from unwelcome creatures like rodents, snakes, and insects. Embrace the unparalleled excellence of LeafFilter and enjoy a lifetime of pristine gutters! 

The Secret Behind LeafFilter's Unbeatable Success Across North America!


Experience the magic of nature's cleaning prowess

Experience the magic of nature‘s cleaning prowess with our innovative self-cleaning system. Crafted at an optimal angle, our gutter guards effortlessly expel leaves, needles, and dirt, harnessing the power of gravity. As rain or wind approaches, marvel as any remaining debris vanishes in no time! 


Cutting-edge micromesh screen

The durability and efficiency of LeafFilter’s cutting-edge micromesh screen, crafted from highly resilient surgical-grade stainless steel that stands the test of time, remaining rust and corrosion-free. With its astounding 275-micron fineness, say goodbye to even the tiniest particles like shingle grit infiltrating your system. 



Safeguard your basement with LeafFilter, the ultimate solution against water damage. Not only does it ensure a healthier and safer environment for allergy and asthma sufferers, but it also flawlessly protects your ceilings, interior walls, and lawn. Say goodbye to clogged gutters and discover unparalleled peace of mind. 

Enjoy Rapid Transformation

Prepare to be amazed by our swift 1-day installation, seamlessly executed by our certified experts. We take pride in surpassing expectations with top-notch service and outstanding products. 

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Reviews 102,542 • Excellent


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Jan Berqual

LeafFilter is one of the best…
LeafFilter is one of the best investments I’ve made. I have a lot of trees around my house and my gutters don’t get clogged anymore. I will never have to get up on a ladder and clean them out like I used to.

Denise Daugherty

So glad we invested in our home’s gutter system!
We purchased our LeafFilter System on a Tuesday afternoon from a sales person who was honest and knowledgable. The system was installed the next day by the hardest working gentleman we have ever had work on our home in 35 years! He was polite, dubious and precise in his work. We love that the system is guaranteed for 50 years and that the warranty is transferable to a person who would buy our home. We also like that the system did not compromise our roof and its warranty. The price matched what our insurance man suggested would be a fair cost. We are very glad we finally invested in our gutter improvement.

Bill Page

The job was done in the time that was…
The job was done in the time that was scheduled with a professional attitude the whole time. Installer was first class and the job he done is 100 percent. Will most definitely recommend them to anyone that asks. Thanks again for a job well done!

Gail in Virginia

What a satisfying experience…I had already done a lot of research so talking to the salesman was easy. 3 days later, the installers were here and working. Did a great job.

Edward Blackburn
The crew was on time
The crew was on time, bright and early on a Saturday morning. The only break they took was for lunch, otherwise they worked continuously throughout the day. They did ask us about the re-positioning of the cable wiring on the house, making sure we were aware of it and that we were in agreement with what they were doing. When the job was completed they invited us to review the work and took time to answer our questions. We are pleased with the work and the facelift the gutters have given the house.
Michael Pavich

Quick, Easy and affordable
The estimate was easy and painless to schedule. Installation appointment made quickly and the installation itself I couldn’t be more pleased with. They cleaned out the gutters, fixed anything like bends and installed the guards all in just a short amount of time! The filters are working great.


We are very happy with the service and the technicians that came and did the work. Everything was picked up. The person in charge (John) didn’t like the way the downspouts were set up – so he came back another day and readjusted that and also tightened up all the loose downspouts per our request. Excellent service. Thank you.

Elevating Our Community's Spirit

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At LeafFilter, we are firm believers in giving back.

That’s why we are proud supporters of the LeBron James ‘I Promise’ school program. Motivated by the difficulties James suffered through himself as a child, the I Promise foundation helps disadvantaged kids in the Akron area get the supplies they desperately need for the school year.

Helping Our Community

LeafFilter is a US-owned company based out of Hudson, Ohio that’s been providing top quality products and service since 2005. We are proud to have created over 1,300 jobs across 35 states by assembling our patented three-piece gutter protection system in Plainwell Michigan – helping people find both meaningful work and long lasting peace of mind when it comes to keeping their homes clean. 

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