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AEG SenseCook cooktops to provide automated cooking to home chefs

Automated Self-Controlled Cooktops : AEG SenseCook

The German company AEG has created three induction cooktops that will let home cooks use temperature sensors and automation to prepare their meals. AEG, which is part of the Electrolux brand, will display the SenseCook cooktops (also called hobs) this week at the IFA consumer electronics trade show in Berlin. 

The cooktops use different methods to keep track of your food and automatically adjust the temperature of the burners so you get consistent results each time you cook (think of a batch of pancakes that are all the same color or steak cooked to the doneness that you prefer every time you prepare it). 

Two of the cooktops in the SenseCook line focus on specific tasks. The SenseFry cooktop is designed for pan frying. You use the cooktop’s touchscreen controls to select the food you want to cook and the desired result, and the cooktop will automatically maintain an even heat in the pan. The SenseBoil cooktop will detect when water inside a pot begins to boil and automatically adjust the temperature settings so the water transitions to a controlled simmer.

Automated Self-Controlled Cooktops : AEG SenseCook

The SensePro will do everything that the SenseFry and SenseBoil, but does so through a wireless, battery-less food thermometer that keeps track of the internal temperature of your food and automatically adjusts the temperature of the burner in use for the desired cooking result. And similar to the SenseFry cooktop, you’ll be able to select a dish and how you’d like it cooked through the touchscreen control panel. You’ll also be able to choose your desired cooking temperature.

The cooktops will only be available in Europe, according to an AEG spokesperson. Two of the cooktops — the SenseFry and SensePro — are currently available in several countries. It’s not clear when the SensePro will be available. The spokesperson didn’t have pricing information on the cooktops. 

The past few years have brought us more opportunities to cook food to precise specifications thanks to wireless connectivity and the power of induction. These connected cooking systems have usually come in the form of single-burner countertop appliances such as the Paragon Induction Cooktop or the Tasty One Top. These setups are also ideal if you’re a fan of sous vide, a method of cooking that relies on a temperature-controlled water bath to prepare food. Companies have started to shift their focus on precision cooking to full-sized cooktops, such as AEG’s SenseCook line and GE Appliances’ Café series electric stoves with induction cooktops.

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