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Easy Steps to Fix Blocked Drains Outside Your Home


A blocked drain is one of the most frustrating problems you have to deal with as a homeowner. This problem produces backlogs of trash, often with unpleasant odors. While these blockages usually occur in the narrower parts of the piping system, such as in the toilets and sinks, some debris can also accumulate outside the drains, clogging them in the process. There are some steps that should be taken to unclog blocked drains and get your plumbing system in good working order again.

Assess the Drainage Problem

For most residential properties, accessing the outdoor drainage is possible only through the drain cover. Remove the drain cover so you can inspect the situation. Do you have a gunk problem, or does it seem to be a more difficult job? Is the blockage out of sight, or are you able to see the problem on the surface?

Assessing the problem will help you decide if you can handle the job on your own or if you need the assistance of plumbing specialists.

Use the Appropriate Tools

When removing a drain blockage outside your home, the most important tool to have is the drainage rod. This item is thin and long and is usually made with a steel joint. It is flexible enough to push through the drain blockage and reach deeper into the external plumbing system. You also need a hose and a bucket for this job.

In addition, you need to wear protective clothing, considering that you are likely to be digging around the inside of your drainage. Protective gear will protect you from splatter that may contain bacteria that could cause infection and illness.

Remove Blockages that Is Within Reach

Try to reach inside with your arm and remove some of the blockages. If you can do this, you can shift the matter that is causing the clog; thus, using the drainage rod for removal of debris becomes easier. Use a bucket to dig in your drainage. Take out as much blockage materials as best you can; this is because the more matter you can remove, the easier the next process will be.

Clear the Clogs

You can flush out the blocked drains by using your drainage rod. Slide the metal through the sludge and make sure to apply some pressure. Try to move the rod around to break apart as many clogs as you can. If the accumulation of debris is stubborn and large, this process may take some time to finish.

Twist clockwise when working with the drainage rods. Otherwise, some of those tough and stubborn blockages will find their way in the joints of the rod, which can be hard to unscrew. Continue to plunge until you can easily move the rods. Once you are able to see the problem, it may start to dissipate and drain.

How to Unclog Outside Drainage That Will Not Clear?

Blocked drains that are outside your home tend to be quite challenging to fix compared to a sink blockage. While you can try to manage such problems by performing some DIY methods, you cannot be sure that they are always effective and long-lasting. Attempting to perform some extreme techniques can make the situation worse.

You can make blocked drains disappear faster if you decide to call the plumbing experts to take care of the problem for you. They will come with the right tools and expertise that can take out even the most complex drain blockage. After all, a professional job may be the only thing you need to get your plumbing system work again.

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