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Google Assistant can lock down your home with Nest Secure integration

Google discontinues its Google Nest Secure alarm system - The Verge

Google Assistant is upping its security credentials. Starting today, you can use Google’s digital helper to control your Nest Secure system. Even better, you can talk to your Google Assistant through the Nest Guard that acts as the system’s centerpiece.

You’ll be able to arm your system with a voice command. You can also talk to the Nest Guard hub and give any command you’d give to a Google Assistant equipped smart speaker such as the Google Home.

Given that Google owns Nest, this integration makes a lot of sense. Arming your system with your voice is an obvious upgrade. Surprisingly, you won’t actually be able to disarm your system with your voice. You’ll still need to enter your pin into your Nest Guard for that. I understand the caution behind the limitation, as Google’s voice recognition can be easily tricked. Still, giving your pin with a voice command would have been a nice option. Google discontinues its Google Nest Secure alarm system - The Verge

We liked the Nest Secure system when we reviewed it, but thought the price of the $500 starter kit was too steep. Now that the Nest Guard can double as a voice controlled hub, that will help its versatility. It’s also a nice advantage for Google over its main competitor in the smart home. Amazon owns Ring, which has a similar security system called Ring Alarm Security. As of yet, Amazon’s assistant Alexa can’t control Ring’s system. 

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