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Latest Black Friday deal: Get 2 Echo speakers at QVC for just $100 total

Black Friday Deals on Smart Speakers and Audio Devices

Ready to score a sweet discount on the Amazon Echo smart speaker this Black Friday?

Alexa, hold your horses.

Sure, Amazon will offer its flagship Alexa speaker for $69 next week — but QVC already has that deal beat, with an offer that’ll net you two Echo speakers for $100. That means you’re essentially getting them for what you’d normally pay for a pair of pint-sized Echo Dots.

Black Friday Deals on Smart Speakers and Audio Devices

The deal is especially interesting in light of the recent addition of Amazon’s stereo pairing feature, which lets you sync two Echo speakers for audio playback with the left and right channels split between them. Add in the new Echo Sub, and you’re looking at a bona fide 2.1 stereo sound setup with full voice controls. Total cost of that setup with this deal factored in: $230. Tempting!

If you’re interested, you’ll have to act fast, because the deal is listed as ‘Today’s Special Value,’ and quantities are almost certainly limited. Go go go!

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